In light of the current government mandates, our shops will be operating in a reduced capacity until further notice. We are aware that many people in our communities rely on their bikes as their primary form of transportation as well as recreation. We will have staff on hand to service our community's bicycles for transportation and exercise.  

Additionally, bikes are an excellent alternative to public transportation during these difficult times. Unlike public transport, you can actually maintain a safe distance from others while cycling.  Plus, for the recreational cyclist, there has never been a better time to get out and enjoy cycling in our State's beautiful open spaces and on our typically crowded roadways. It's actually a cycling utopia right now... It's also a great way to enjoy some time with the kiddos while they are out of school. Fresh air is good for the soul. 

Local officials have confirmed that recreational bike riding is still allowed under the order, as long as riders maintain a six foot distance between themselves and others. 


Enhanced Safety Measures

We care about our employees and customers. That's why we have implemented enhanced health and sanitation measures to limit the chances of spreading the Coronavirus. Some of the things we have done include the following:

  • We have added anti-bacterial hand sanitizing stations in our shops.
  • We have always used Lysol on all rental helmets, and we are also using anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down bikes before and after each use, and before and after we do any work or maintenance on any bikes. 
  • We will open shop doors so our customers do not have to touch handles when coming and going- customers and employees will maintain a minimum six foot distance from each other. 
  • We are using anti-bacterial wipes to clean our ipads, computer screens and all surfaces that customers and employees may come in contact with. 
  • Customers can pay over the phone or they can use ApplePay in store.
  • We are offering free drop shipping on all purchases over $100, and a flat fee of  $10 for any items under $100. 
  • Electronic waivers (for rentals) can be filled out electronically before you arrive or on your own personal mobile device. 
  • We are offering private sales consultations by appointment in our stores- maintaining a six foot distance from our customers. 
  • We are offering curbside pickup of rental bikes or delivery.
  • We are offering curbside home mechanical service with no contact (arrive, bike on porch, mechanic wears gloves, wipe down/sanitize before and after tune, phone to communicate, etc)


Get out and ride

Whether you are practicing social distancing or you happen to live in an area currently under the new Shelter-in-Place Mandate, we want to offer you an opportunity to enjoy some cycling on one of our premium quality electric bikes. For a limited time, we have drastically reduced our rental rates.